Tuition and Financial Assistance


Our goal is to enroll students who will thrive at MHS. We recognize that full tuition and fees is a large financial commitment for our families, particularly over the course of four years. Through our financial assistance program, we work with families to ensure that this financial commitment does not act as a barrier for families considering MHS.

We work with our families on an individual basis to determine a financial aid package, and to find a situation that works. We proudly accept the Cleveland Scholarship for families living in the City of Cleveland, and we work closely with all families, both within the United States and abroad, to help make an MHS education a reality.

We strongly encourage families who think they may qualify to apply for assistance.

Tuition for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Tuition and Fee Ranges

Day Student

$24,333.00 – $24,640.00

Five-day Boarding Student

$45,230.00 – $45,411.00

Seven-day Boarding Student

$45,760.00 – $45,941.00

Tuition at Montessori High School at University Circle is paid through Tuition Management Services (TMS). The partnership with TMS facilitates services for our families including flexible payment options, web support permitting the checking of accounts, and variable rates based on the selected payment schedule.

Through TMS, we offer convenient payment plans that allow our families to pay the year’s tuition in one, two, four, or ten payments.

Financial Assistance

SSS Application
Financial assistance is determined by application. MHS uses the School & Student Services (SSS) application. Applicants for financial aid must complete a SSS form online. The form for the following fall is typically available starting November 1st.

The SSS application provides a need-based financial aid analysis service that includes an income verification process. All information from SSS is reviewed by MHS, and remains confidential. Families must apply for financial aid each year using the SSS form online. After applying, you will be required to mail tax documents to SSS for income verification purposes. Families can download the 2018-2019 SSS application guide for more information.


University Circle Scholars Program

The University Circle Scholars Program provides a 10 percent tuition discount for any new student whose parents are full-time employees of a University Circle , Inc. member institution. The Scholars Program was created to build community and expand partnerships among our fellow University Circle institutions.

To be eligible for the University Circle Scholars Program, applicants must submit verification that one parent is a full-time employee of a UCI member institution. The 10 percent discount applies to the student’s entire enrollment at MHS for as long as the parent remains a full-time employee of a UCI member institution. The program application is available online or by request through the Office of Admissions.


Scholarship Opportunities

The Avanti Scholarship

The Avanti Scholarship is an MHS donor-funded scholarship designed for students who qualify for financial assistance and who have a demonstrated potential to enrich the MHS community through leadership, artistic ability, community engagement, or scholastic achievement.

This program offers scholarship support for students whose financial need exceeds the maximum tuition assistance (50%). Preference will be shown to applicants who reside in the City of Cleveland. Qualified students can receive up to 100% in tuition support, which is renewable up to four years dependent on continued eligibility. The program is available to prospective students applying to enroll in the Fall of 2018.

Characteristics of an Avanti recipient:

  • Commitment to intellectual growth and curiosity as demonstrated through academic performance and teacher recommendations
  • Community engagement and citizenship demonstrated through involvement in school, neighborhood, or larger community
  • Desire to become an active member of the MHS community

Click here for application process and timeline.


Cleveland Scholarship & Tutoring Program

The Cleveland Scholarship & Tutoring Program provides assistance for residents within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District who wish to attend private schools. The mission of the program is to provide children of the City of Cleveland with the best educational opportunities available.

For a high school student, the maximum Cleveland Scholarship award amount is $5,700. If tuition exceeds the maximum scholarship award, parents are responsible for the difference. Students who apply and are offered admission to MHS are eligible for Cleveland Scholarship funds. For more information on the application process, please visit the Department of Educators website.


Sullivan Scholars Foundation: The Scholarship Program

The Sullivan Scholars Foundation was established for charitable and educational purposes in recognition of the work of Thomas C. and Sandra A. Sullivan. The Sullivan Scholars Foundation offers scholarships for eighth-graders who expect to matriculate to a Catholic or private high school in Northeast Ohio in the fall.

Eighth-grade students must be enrolled at Archbishop James P. Lyke School, Metro Catholic Parish School, Mt. Carmel School, Saint Rocco School, Urban Community School, or Entrepreneurship Preparatory School for a minimum of two years to be eligible. Students with memberships to Boys Hope, Girls Hope, or the Boys and Girls Club are also eligible. Students must be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA or school grading equivalent) at their current school, and must demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities. They must also demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Private School Aid Service calculation.

Students must also be accepted as high school freshman to an accredited Catholic or private high school in Northeast Ohio, and must have completed and submitted a Private School Aid Service Student Aid form.

The Sullivan Scholars Foundation scholarship application is available from the principals at the six schools listed above, by request from the Cleveland Foundation’s Donor Relations department, or from the Cleveland Foundation’s website.