The MHS Experience


“MHS doesn’t teach you to be something;
it helps you to be more of who you are.”

MHS Student


What sets MHS apart is our commitment to the idea that education is about creating the individual. Education is the process by which we become who we are and discover what we can do in the world. Our focus is on who our students will become because of what they have learned and experienced. To foster that, our programs take a different approach than the typical high school.

Academics are a vital part of becoming an engaged and contributing adult member of society, so we offer rigorous academic programs with outside assessment by International Baccalaureate.

Self-expression is an important part of understanding ourselves and what we can make in the world, so we offer arts and physical expression designed not just for the artist or the athlete, but for the individual interested in uncovering their talents and interests.

Belonging to a community teaches us that we can do more together than we can on our own, so we offer opportunities throughout our curriculum, our daily and weekly schedule, and our advisory structure to foster a sense of community.

Authentic and meaningful relationships with adults help adolescent learn what it means to be an adult, so our faculty are committed to supporting students in their studies and in their journey to adulthood.

Most importantly, we prepare students for their lives after they leave MHS. To be successful adults, they need to know how to handle themselves and their responsibilities when no one is directing them. We offer the right mix of freedom and responsibility to prepare students for college and beyond.