Service is at the heart of building a better world and can help us to more fully understand the ways in which we are connected to those around us and the responsibility we have to one another.

Creating a sustainable society starts with caring for the earth and moves toward caring for one another. Understanding our connection to our world and each another is an essential component of constructive peace.

When students invest time and effort in keeping school buildings in order, maintain the beauty of the campus, or offer service at University Circle institutions and the surrounding community, they feel a deeper connection to this community.

Service helps students see themselves as active citizens who can take action locally, but are also, as world citizens in the making, responsible for the planet.

Students are encouraged and empowered to engage in individual service projects, but as a community we offer several regular service opportunities.

Service takes a number of forms at MHS:


Kitchen Duty and End-of-Day Clean-up

Each day, two to three students serve in the kitchen and work with the on-campus cook to prepare the community lunch. Students rotate through this service and are on kitchen duty typically once or twice a semester.

Advisories also rotate through lunch room clean-up and dish washing. Students come to see that many hands make light work and that, in community, it’s imperative we all pitch in.

At the end of each day, advisories work together to put classrooms in order. Each advisory is responsible for clean-up of a particular space, including sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and taking out the trash.


Service and Stewardship Days

The whole MHS community regularly dedicates several hours to offering service, either on campus for indoor and outdoor clean-up, or in our partner institutions located primarily in University Circle. During these bimonthly service days, staff and faculty join students for an afternoon of service.


Service Groups

MHS incorporates service in a formal way through 9th and 10th grade service groups. These groups meet once a week to work in service for local organizations. Projects have traditionally focused on tutoring and garden or land stewardship. Participation in service groups is part of our core curriculum and at least one semester is required during freshman or sophomore year.

For several years students from MHS have partnered with teachers at Citizens Academy East, a public city elementary school in neighboring Glenville, to support the critical work of those educators in their classrooms. Participating in a variety of ways, our students work with mentor teachers to both tutor younger students independently and also to support the lead teacher’s instruction during lessons.

Land stewardship and garden work has included caring for the Peace Garden of the Nations, which is located in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, and assisting Green Corps of the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.