High school is a time for students to begin to understand who they are and what they are capable of doing in the world on a deeper level. We’re not just preparing students for college; we’re preparing them for life. As such, they need to know themselves. One of our goals at MHS is to support students as they work to uncover who they are and understand their unique gifts and talents.

We create opportunities for students to explore interests and passions, all with the goal of building an environment where students are free to find their voice. At MHS we want students to express themselves, to ask questions, to uncover talents, to challenge the status quo, and to help build their community just as they build themselves.



Rather than having a set of standard clubs that students can choose from, we give students the opportunity to bring their own interests to the community. Each year we hold a club fair in which students promote their club and enlists others to join them.

Students don’t need to rally dozens of supporters; instead, they look for a few like-minded individuals who are dedicated to and interested in the same cause. Recent clubs have focused on such activities as: acapella singing, Scrabble, Magic the Gathering, conservation and sustainability, peace and justice, and entrepreneurship.


The Arts

Students at MHS rotate through at least three of the four arts offered, which includes visual art, theatre, dance, and music. Self-expression through the arts is uniquely human. This creative process can feel daunting to those who do not consider themselves overtly artistic.

Our philosophy is that each one of us needs to nurture our artistic nature, just as we develop our intellect. Arts classes are designed to meet students where they are and provide valuable experience with exploring their voice in new ways.


Physical Expression

By high school, sports are often viewed as an experience reserved for the elite athletes. And yet, physical health is a necessary component of a well-rounded individual. We approach physical education in much the same way we approach the arts. This is a time for students to try out different types of physical activity and see what works for them in creating a life-long healthy lifestyle.

Physical expression classes have focused on urban hiking, bowling, dance, basketball, soccer, and weekly visits to the 1-2-1 Fitness Center on Case Western Reserve University’s campus. All MHS students receive a membership to 1-2-1 and are free to use the facilities after school and on the weekends.