Diploma Options


All students follow the same general course of study over their four years. However, students have the opportunity to choose what exams they sit for, which will determine their diploma route.


Montessori High School at University Circle Diploma

The requirements for an MHS Diploma reflect our commitment to a well-rounded liberal arts education that is rich in opportunities for personal reflection, independent research, and meaningful work outside the classroom.

Students must complete our core curriculum, including choosing a mix of higher level and standard level classes in their junior and senior years. Specifically students take at least three, but not more than four, subjects at higher level, and the remaining at standard level. Higher level and standard level courses differ in scope and students are expected to demonstrate a greater body of knowledge, understanding, and skills at higher level.

Beyond our core subjects, students complete Current Events and Ethical Thought  during freshman and sophomore years and Theory of Knowledge during junior and senior years.

A two-year internship is required during junior and senior year. MHS faculty help place students in positions both on and off campus that provide opportunities for independent work and experience in a professional environment.

All students in their final year at MHS are required to produce a senior thesis, which is overseen be a faculty member and presented to the school community in late fall. Students who are not sitting for IB exams complete a self-chosen and mentor-led senior project in the final month of the school year.


International Baccalaureate Certificates and Diploma


Students can sit for exams in any of the six subjects: English, Math, Science, 20th-Century World History, Art, or World Language. Students who achieve a qualifying score will earn a certificate in that subject.IB Certificates mark the successful culmination of an area of study for students, and are an achievement in themselves.

These certificates can also be used toward college credit at many colleges and universities.

Students register for these exams at the start of their senior year. There are associated fees with each exam.


IB Diploma

Students who wish to earn an IB Diploma complete the MHS curriculum and sit for the full slate of IB exams described above.

These students must also ensure that their senior thesis meets IB’s criteria for the IB Extended Essay, specifically with regard to length, subject matter, and source material.