Experiential Terms


The end-of-year experiential term, or X-Term, gives students an opportunity to independently plan and manage a two-week learning intensive. Students learn to set a vision, manage logistics, lead within a group of peers, and creatively meet their group’s needs. Fundraising often takes center stage in the planning process as students find ways to fund their plans, which can include travel or equipment purchases.

Students have raised funds to support X-Terms that included travel to San Francisco, New York, and an Appalachian Trail trailhead. They have also purchased equipment to build a 3-D printer and jet engine.

MHS_SamX“X-Term in 2013 made senior year. It would turn into a culmination of everything that came before it. The previous two programs acted as a foundation when it came to selling our program to new places. But I combined X-Term experience with everything I learned in school to create our next program.

I had a strong desire to work with Fab.com for our program, so we set the goal of heading to New York City for my final adventure. In December of 2012, I sent an email to Jason Goldberg to express my interest in having Fab be apart of our program. He replied twenty minutes later with a simple but powerful “Yes,” and that was the moment that changed everything. An email followed eight minutes later, this time from Allison Rutledge-Parisi, Fab’s Chief People Officer. Allison was excited to work with us. That’s when I knew this year would rock. […] Fab opened their doors to us for three full days. Allison had us immersed in the Fab culture from the moment we arrived. From meetings, to hands-on activities, to Fab’s warehouse, to participation in the weekly ‘All Hands.’ Jason introduced us to the entire Fab family.”

Samuel Lerner, Class of 2013

MHS_MeganXMy X-Terms have taken me around the United States and the globe, and have taught me things that I never could have learned in the classroom. I’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail, trained with the Cincinnati traveling circus, and studied with ecologists and research scientists in Costa Rica. Because of my X-Term experiences, I have become a more confident person. I’ve learned how to communicate across cultural and language barriers, which I would not have learned directly from my classes.

[In my senior year], I was a member of the Isle Royale Ecology and Backpacking X-Term. […] In the last two weeks of school we travelled to the island, and backpacked for five days. My X-Term has given me more confidence, not only in my skills in the outdoors, but in my ability to work within a group of people and accomplish a common goal. I can’t thank MHS enough for the lessons and experiences that my X-Terms have given me.

Megan Murphy, Class of 2015