An important part of a student’s development is forming an understanding of their place in a community. We offer students a number of ways to be part of a larger society of their peers.



Our student body is organized by advisory. Students are grouped into ten multi-grade communities led by a faculty advisor. Advisories meet briefly every day, and for extended periods twice a week.

Advisory is a time to check in with a small group of peers led by an adult. These communities are intentionally diverse with regard to age, interests, and abilities to help students form relationships outside of their typical peer social groups.


Community Meeting

Because we are an intentional community, it is important that we check in with one another regularly to ensure everyone a voice. At the end of each week, students and faculty meet for a community meeting.

This time is used for announcements from administration and faculty as well as student groups and clubs. Any individual is also welcome to make an announcement. Many meetings end with “moments of greatness,” which is an opportunity for students and staff to recognize other individuals for those thoughtful moments that help make a day, or a week, a little brighter.


Boarding Community

Residential student life is integral to the MHS experience, even for day students. The residence is part of the learning environment because, in many ways, learning is a whole-person, whole-community process. We are a 24 hours a day, seven days a week campus with opportunities for day students to be an integral part of boarding life—including staying for dinner, participating in social events, spending the night.