At MHS, athletics is an opportunity for everyone to get involved. The focus of our sports program is on personal and team development, from work on specific skills to fostering effective team play. We believe athletics is an opportunity for building community through teamwork and healthy competition.

Students compete with schools in the Lake Effect Conference and with other local, similarly sized schools. Participation in a specific sport is student-driven and teams are organized based on interest. Students can build teams for basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track and field.

Photo Credit: Steve Wagner
Photo Credit: Steve Wagner

MHS also has a standing ultimate Frisbee team and participates in the Cleveland Disc Association’s High School league.

Beyond our conference activity, students can start teams through the school’s club program. For example, in recent years, students have offered equestrian and gymnastics teams.

Our Quad also offers the perfect spot for a pick-up game of Frisbee or soccer, as well as the occasional Quidditch match.