Admissions Process


Our admissions process includes three main components:

  1. Getting to know us. We want to be sure that MHS is the right fit for you. High school is an opportunity to get to know yourself and your skills and talents, and to challenge yourself. To do that, you need to be in a place that feels like home, somewhere where you feel safe to be yourself. Visiting the campus and shadowing a student for the day will provide the opportunity to experience MHS for yourself and to see if it feels right for you.
  2. Telling us about yourself. The application is all about you, who you are now and who you hope to become. The general information and short answer portion of the application are due prior to your student shadow experience. Afterwards, we ask for your essay response, parent statement, transcripts, and recommendations. There is no entrance exam at MHS, so the application and recommendations provide important insight from people who have known you in and out of academic settings.
  3. The interview. Your shadow experience will conclude with an interview, which provides an opportunity for us to get to know one another better. This is a time for us to find out more about who you are as a person, and for you to ask any questions that weren’t answered by your MHS student ambassador.


The Visit

The first step in the admissions process is to schedule a visit to the MHS campus. Prospective families are encouraged to attend one of our Open Houses or schedule a tour. These visits are designed to help you become acquainted with our community and our school culture. Families can schedule their visit by calling the Admissions Office.

Families of interested eighth graders can also schedule a student shadow experience. We require all applicants to complete a shadow experience, which provides applicants an inside look at the MHS curriculum and campus. Students who are interested in shadowing will be asked to complete the general portion and short answer portion of the application prior to their shadow experience. The shadow experience concludes with an interview, conducted by a member of the Admissions team. Applicants can expect a relaxed conversation. The interview is an opportunity for the Admissions team to answer questions, and ensure applicants understand the school’s mission and values.

Visit Our Campus

The Application

Applicants can complete the application for the 2018-2019 academic year online or download a PDF of the application by clicking the one of the buttons below.

Suggested Timeline

After you have visited us, we recommend the following timeline for moving through the admissions process:

  • October: The general application and short answer sections of the application should be completed and the application fee should be paid prior to scheduling the student shadow experience. After the shadow experience, applicants should ask their School Counselor or Principal, English teacher, Mathematics Teacher, and community members to complete the required recommendations.
  • November: Parents should request to have official transcripts from their current school sent to MHS. If a family would like to be considered for financial aid, they must complete a SSS application. The student’s MHS application and the SSS application must both be completed and submitted to MHS by December 15th.
  • December: Students should complete the essay section of the application and parents should complete their statement. All application materials, including financial aid, should be submitted to MHS and postmarked by December 15th.

The application will be considered complete and ready for review only when all required components have been received, the application fee has been paid in full, and the student shadow experience has been completed.

The Decision Process

The deadline for application is December 15th.

Families who complete the application process prior to December 15th can request an “early read,” which may result in an early decision. Families can request an early read by contacting Stefani Rose by email.

Families who complete the application process by December 15th will be notified of admission decisions on January 13th.

Decisions are based on an evaluation of the complete application, shadow experience, interview, and transcripts. In some cases, applicants may be notified that they have been placed on the Applicant Wait List or may receive a request for additional information or recommendations. Students who are not accepted will be notified by mail.

A response from the family regarding enrollment is due to MHS by January 27th, after which rolling admissions will begin (as space allows).

We encourage you to contact the Admissions Office with any questions or concerns regarding the admissions process by phone at 216-421-3033 or by email. We look forward to receiving your application.