Students joined our culinary director and chef, Christina Freno, in the kitchen at 9:30 am for a brief summary of the day’s tasks. Then, together, Christina and the students went to harvest tomatoes from our urban garden. While the tomatoes were soaking, students learned proper techniques for holding a knife and dicing large vegetables, such as cucumbers. During the preparation of the cucumber tomato salad, the students learned seasoning techniques as well as mincing and dicing. They also learned about time management, as we had to start the rice while we diced vegetables to ensure lunch was prepared in time.

The students also learned that there are multiple ways to cook chicken. Christina began with roasting the chicken in the oven, but, due to constraints on time, the students were forced to change the cooking method. This required cutting chicken into smaller pieces, and bringing to a rapid boil on top of the stove to cook it faster.

Students also prepared a sauce from minced olives, honey, cumin and paprika, and harvested arugula from our hoop house to add a peppery bite to the salad bar.

Lastly, the students worked together to prepare the serving room so that their classmates could enjoy lunch together!

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